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Oil water separators are designed to remove free floating hydrocarbons such as diesel, hydraulic fluid and oil as well as heavier suspended solids from a waste water stream. This form of treatment is the minimum required prior to trade waste (sewer) discharge for any wash bay where hydrocarbons may be present.


ASM’s Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are superior counter current systems designed to achieve maximum treatment efficiency in a compact footprint. It is able to remove a variety of contaminants to meet trade waste or reuse requirements. Each system is sized based on the hydraulic loading rate. The surface loading rate that can be applied is dependent on each application. If in doubt, please contact ASM for clarification of sizing.


ASM’s Gravity Clarification (GC) systems are designed to clean water prior to reuse, or discharge to the sewer or the environment. These systems help to minimise the use of potable water or town water supplies while protecting the users and the environment from contaminants in the waste stream. ASM treatment systems are compliant with local Council, DEHP, DAFF + OH&S requirements.


ASM’s Lamella Clarifiers (LC) are designed to remove high concentrations of suspended solids from water, where the solids have a specific gravity >1.0. They are ideal for applications where the solids loading is >30 mg/L, particle sizing is fine, or for removal of dissolved metals via hydroxide precipitation. The standard treatment process includes coagulant dosing and mixing, followed by solids separation with automated sludge wasting. Additional treatment steps, such as pH correction for precipitation of heavy metals, and various optional equipment is available to suit project specific requirements. MAK Water’s Lamella Clarifiers can be integrated into a treatment process, or supplied as a stand-alone system.


ASM’s Pump Station is designed to transfer water to a local sewer connection or to a downstream treatment process cost- effectively when gravity cannot assist. The water is collected in an industrial grade slimline poly tank located above ground, which contains a submersible pump and float switch. These are installed in the tank and can be easily removed if required. The tank is designed for immediate installation to external pipework, and has a compact footprint.

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