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Bio-culture For Reduction of Bod And Cod Along With Foul Odor:

Bio Culture is a liquid concentrate containing a consortium of beneficial microbes, which also acts as soil conditioner. It acts as an anti-oxidant and develops a healthy environment for the crops to grow. Over 100 countries are using this technology successfully today.

Bio Culture includes both aerobic and anaerobic species of microorganisms, which co-exist in an environment. Bio-culture mainly consists of microorganisms, which secrete beneficial substances such as vitamins, organic acids, chelated minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in a synergistic way, when it comes in contact with organic matter. Microbes present in Bio Culture suppress the growth of harmful microbes and enhance the growth of beneficial microbes in all the ecosystems. It controls purification by exploiting the fermentation pathway of decomposition. These microorganisms are neither imported, exotic, genetically engineered or modified.

Benefits of Bio Culture:

  • Reduces the BOD, COD & suppresses the foul odor from the STP & ETP
  • Achieve COD reduction of 80-90%.
  • No structural changes are necessary for implementation of bio-culture.
  • Enhance the overall efficiency of plant.
  • Reduce the overall chemical consumption.
  • Reduction in aeration requirement, electricity requirement is reduced by 10-30%.
  • Helps in smooth and efficient commissioning of the plant.
  • Prevents the proliferation of pathogens.
  • Eliminate the foul smell.
  • Easily converts the organic waste into organic fertilizer.
  • Helps in maintaining the sufficient amount of MLSS in aeration tank, which in turn increases the efficiency of the plant.
  • Reduces the overall cost of operation.

Applications of Bio Culture (Effective Microbes):

  • Waste water treatment- ETP, CETP.
  • Solid Waste Management- Composting of organic waste
  • Sewage treatment – STP.
  • Lake treatment.
  • Pond treatment.

ASM BIOSTARTER is a white color powder that helps in reducing of

commissioning time of ETP & STP. Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS

content. It comes in powdered form, which is easy to use and easy to store.

Bacterial culture supplements useful bacteria into ETP, STP which suppress the growth of harmful bacteria and leads to faster commissioning. Shock load

stabilization. Reduces BOD & COD and suppresses the foul odor from ETP &

STP. Helps in reducing the OPEX of the plant.

Performance Properties

  • Highly concentrated product -98% reactivation rate on addition to water
  • Temperature range 5°C – 45°C

Physical Properties

  • Shelf life – Six Months
  • Nature of bacteria: Non pathogenic, not genetically engineered

Product Description:

Being one of the renowned firms in the industry, we are involved in providing a

high-quality array of ASM BIOSTARTER Odor Removal Bio Culture.


  1. Bio Culture For Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – ASM BIO-R
  2. Bio Culture for Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) -ASM BIO-A
  3. Bio Culture For Textile Industry Effluent Treatment Plant (ASM BIO-S)
  4. Bio Culture For Paper & Pulp Effluent Treatment Plant (ASM BIO-R100)
  5. Bio Culture For Nitrification & De-Nitrification of Effluent (ASM BIO-A100)
  6. Bio Culture For Composting (ASM BIO-LR10)



Standard Bio Culture for STP & ETP Reduction ration of BOD/COD – 100% : 85%


Specially develop for Organic Chemicals degradation. Reduction ration of BOD/COD – 100% : 55%


Specially develop for Ammonical Nitrogen degradation. Reduction ration of COD/ A.N – 70% : 80%

Environment Friendly and Non-Toxic Odor Treatment

Odor has a dual action (gaseous and substrate) and begins working in minutes, reacting bio-chemically with odor-causing molecules, breaking down volatile organic compounds upon contact into their final inert (and smell-free) compounds. Odor rapidly reduces odors in landfill sites and composting
ASM BIOSTARTER can also be used in Municipal Solid Waste Treatment to
reduce the foul smell.


  • Water Scrubbers
  • Misting Systems


  • Fast acting
  • Effective on a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Removes rather than masks odors
  • Cost effective
  • Operates at low dosage rates
  • Long residual effective period
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Safe for humans and the environment
  • Available Sizes: 1kg package.

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