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Water and wastewater treatment requirements for infrastructure and urban developments are typically temporary facilities for construction phase, or permanent infrastructure for ongoing operations.

Projects in construction phase often require treatment plants for production of construction and/or potable water, and treatment of contaminated wastewater and/or sewage for onsite reuse or compliant discharge. Projects may also require permanent infrastructure to supply potable/drinking and/or process water, and to treat produced/industrial wastewater and/or sewage for onsite reuse or compliant discharge.

Understanding your water and wastewater treatment options early in the planning process reduces risk by preventing unnecessary delays in your project and maximises the use of your valuable resources. ASM works collaboratively with your estimating, engineering and environmental teams to develop smart solutions for every stage of the infrastructure life cycle, to meet your project objectives.



With Australia’s large continent size and vast distances, continual development of transportation infrastructure is required to link together our remote areas and rapidly growing cities. For new roads, railways, ports and airports, or the ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure, water plays an important role in each project.

Typical applications include:

  • Desalination plants for construction water and potable water supply
  • Clarification plants for heavy metal contaminated ground water seepage in tunnels
  • Filtration plants to remove suspended solids from construction wastewater
  • pH adjustment plants for treatment of construction wastewater
  • Sewage pumping and treatment plants for ports, airports and construction camps
  • Oil water separators and dissolved air flotation plants for wash bays and industrial process wastewater


The efficient, safe and compliant delivery of potable water and treatment of wastewater is paramount for commercial or private buildings. With an extensive product range and expert technical support, you can be confident partnering with MAK Water to provide the best possible solution for your building project.

Typical applications include:

  • Water softening plants for potable, kitchen or industrial uses
  • Desalination or filtration plants for potable water supply
  • Demineralised water plants for boilers, cooling towers and industrial machinery
  • Ultrafiltration plants for greywater recycling
  • Packaged sewage pumping stations for sewage collection networks
  • Oil water separators and dissolved air flotation plants for trade waste
  • Pumping solutions for potable and fire water
  • Reverse osmosis plants to supply AS/NZS 4187:2014 complaint water for reprocessing of reusable medical devices in hospitals
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