Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants use significant amounts of water in their processes. Reusing treated effluent in downstream oil and gas operations helps ensure regulatory compliance, whilst minimizing environment impact and reducing the consumption of freshwater. ASM provides the following solutions and services to support midstream operations:

  • Industrial process water
  • Cooling tower make up water
  • Desalter wash water
  • Ultra-pure (demineralised) water for boiler feed / steam generation
  • Potable water treatment
  • Storm water treatment for reuse or discharge
  • Boiler and cooling tower blow down
  • Wash down wastewater treatment for reuse or discharge
  • Sewage treatment for reuse or discharge
  • Oily wastewater treatment
  • Operation, service and maintenance of water and wastewater assets
  • Supply of chemicals, consumables and spare parts
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