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ASM’s Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) type packaged sewage treatment plants are designed to treat domestic strength sewage, to achieve “Class C” treated effluent, suitable for reuse in “risk category low” applications or for discharge to environment. With the optional “Class A” upgrade, treated effluent suitable for reuse in “risk category medium” applications is achieved.

The standard treatment process includes influent screening, balance tank mixing, anoxic & aerobic treatment, clarification, effluent sterilization (chlorine tablets) and bag filtration (100 micron). The optional “Class A” upgrade includes an auto-backwashing aseptic glass media filter (5 micron), secondary chlorination via tank recirculation and residual trim hypochlorite dosing, and analyzers for online monitoring of treated effluent turbidity, free chlorine and pH.

ASM’s MBBR Bioreactors are constructed of corrosion resistant FRP, and are self-contained, modular systems for easy deployment to remote locations.

The FRP bioreactor tank fits into a 40’ shipping container. This allows it to travel as general purpose cargo on a conventional container vessel, for cost effective shipping anywhere in the world, as well as providing mechanical protection from damage during shipment.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed sewage treatment plants or ask about our hire options.


Parameter Units MBBR-15 MBBR-35 MBBR-50 MBBR-75 MBBR-100 MBBR-150 MBBR-200
Treatment Capacity m3/day 15 35 50 75 100 150 200
Sludge Production (WAS) m3/day 0.36 0.84 1.2 1.8 2.4 3.6 4.8
Sludge Tank Size m3 N/A N/A N/A 9.9 22.5 32 45
WAS MLSS mg/L 2000~3000
Dewatered Sludge (optional) % solids 15~20%
Ambient Design Temperature °C 5 ~ 45
Power Supply AC 380~450 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption kW 4 6.5 9.5 14 18.5 28 37
No. Containers 1 x 20’ 1 x 40’ 1 x 40’ 2 x 40’ 2 x 40’ 3 x 40’ 4 x 40’


Characteristics Units Influent Class C Effluent Class A Effluent
Temperature °C 25~30
pH pH units 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5
BOD mg/L 150~500 <20
TSS mg/L 150~400 <30 <5
T-N mg/L <50 <40 (lower T-N option available)
T-P mg/L <15 <10 (lower T-P option available)
TDS mg/L <1,000
Turbidity NTU <5
E.Coli cfu/100 mL <1,000 <10
Free Chlorine mg/L 0.2~2


✓= Standard Supply, o = Optional Supply, – = Not Available

Equipment MBBR-15 MBBR-35 MBBR-50 MBBR-75 MBBR-100 MBBR-150 MBBR-200
Feed Pump
Inlet Screen o o o
Internal Primary Tanks with Sludge Pump
External Sludge Tank
Aeration & Air Lift Pump Blowers
Anoxic Tank with Mixer
Aerobic Tank with Submerged Media,  Diffusers & Air Lift Recycle
Chemical Dosing – Coagulation
Clarifier Tank with RAS Air Lift Recycle
with RAS/WAS Pump
Chlorine Contact Tank with Tablet Chlorinator
PLC Control System with HMI
Containerized system, c/w Caged Access Ladder, Elevated Walkway with Hand Rails and Lights
Class A Tertiary Filtration & Sterilization Multimedia Filter with Feed/ Backwash Pump o o o o o o o
Tank Recirculation with Re- sidual Trim Hypo Dosing o o o o o o o
Chemical Dosing – enhanced T-N / T-P removal o o o o o o o
Sludge Dewatering System (15~20% solids) o o o o o o o
Premium Instrumentation Package o o o o


Instrumentation Standard Package Premium Package
Level Sensors
Pressure Gauges
Air Flow Indicators
Magnetic Flow Transmitter
Flow Switches
Anoxic Tank ORP Analyser
Aerobic Tank pH Transmitter
Aerobic Tank Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
Remote Monitoring & Control Capabilities
Class A Only Media Filter Differential Pressure Sensor
Class A Only Effluent Chlorine Analyser
Class A Only Effluent Turbidity Analyser
Class A Only Effluent pH Analyser
Class A Only Recirculation Pump Pressure Switch
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