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ASM’s Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis – Basic (BWROB) plants are designed to treat ground/surface or industrial water with <5,000 mg/L of dissolved solids (TDS) and <5 mg/L of suspended solids (TSS), to achieve potable water quality. The standard treatment process involves pre filtration (5 and 1 micron cartridge filters) and RO desalination. The BWROB is designed to operate continuously until the permeate tank is filled, or pressurised feed water is unavailable.

The BWROB plants are pre-engineered products, designed for simple applications, where a high level of automation is not required and feed water quality falls within defined parameters. A pre-determined number of standard options may be added as required to suit feed water conditions and/or treated water quality requirements. BWROB plants are available as skid mounted or containerised systems.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed desalination plants or ask about our hire options.


Parameter Units BWROB-10 BWROB-15 BWROB-25 BWROB-30 BWROB-35 BWROB-50
Permeate Flow Rate m3/day 10 15 25 30 35 50
Permeate Recovery Rate % 40~85 (varies according to feed water quality and RO configuration)
Permeate TDS mg/L <500 (typical)
Raw Water TDS mg/L <5000
Raw Water TSS mg/L <5
Raw Water Temperature °C 15 ~ 35
Ambient Design Temperature °C 5 ~ 45
Feed Water Inlet Pressure kPa 200 ~ 500 (required)
Permeate Discharge Pressure kPa ~40 (higher discharge pressures available on request)
Brine Discharge Pressure kPa ~40 (higher discharge pressures available on request)
Power Supply AC 240V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (approx.) kW 2 2 2 3 3 5
Skid Dimensions (approx.) mm 1500W x 1700H x 680D
Skid Weight (approx.) kg 150 160 170 180 190 200
No. Containers (optional) 1 x 10’
UV Sterilisation (optional) UV dose > 40mJ/cm@ 95 % UVT
Distribution pump set (optional) Approx. 2.5 x average flow @ 300 kPa constant pressure


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply – = Not Applicable

Equipment BWROB-10 BWROB-15 BWROB-25 BWROB-30 BWROB-35 BWROB-50
Skid Mounted Plant
High Pressure RO Pump
Pre-filtration – Cartridge Filters
Control System
Containerised system c/w A/C & Lights o o o o o o
Low Pressure Feed Pump o o o o o o
Anti Scalant Dosing (pump & tank) o o o o o o
Carbon Filter o o o o o o
Chlorine Sterlisation (flow paced) o o o o o o
UV Steriliser (supply only) o o o o o o
Permeate Distribution Pump Set o o o o o o


Instrumentation Included
Pressure Gauges
HP RO Pump Inlet Low Pressure Switch
Flow Gauges (rotameters)
Conductivity Meter
Float Switches (feed/permeate)
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